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Drinking water Dissymmetrator!

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DISSA applicator is a polymer plate with inbuilt holographic disk with fixed dissymmetry in the range 18-36 DISS.

DISSA applicator creates fixed dissymmetry in a container with drinking water so that it creates high quality water with good dynamic characteristics and ordered structural characteristics. Such dissymmetric water helps to renew the metabolism and all physiological functions of an organism, balances oxidation and regeneration potential and redox potential, supports normalization of the water and salt balance, metabolic processes, speed of biochemical reactions as well as the treatment and prevention of chronic and acute inflammatory, autoimmune, allergic, oncological and psychological disorders, normalizes bodily weight.


Usage instructions:

1. Place a clean sheet of paper on a table.





2. Place the DISSA applicator onto the clean sheet of paper with the holographic sticker facing upwards.





3. Place a glass, bottle or another container with drinking water on the DISSA applicator. You may also use filtered tap water, but it is suitable that the water has calcium Ca++ content of average 10-20 mg/l. Such information may be found on bottled water’s label. Such concentration best promotes dissymmetration. A container with water may also be placed next to the DISSA applicator, at a distance of max. 15 cm.





4. Exposure period is at least 12 minutes. Usually its 12-15 minutes, but the period may be left at its place even much longer.





5. Dissymmetric water is drunk in portions of 20-30 ml every 20-30 minutes. During the course of one day it is recommended to drink this water based on the calculation of 30 ml per 1 kg of bodily mass. For a person weighing 60 kg it is recommended to drink 1800 ml of water per day, however minimum 250-300 ml of water per 24 hours.





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