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We’re offering you a unique product, designated to alter the structure of drinking water – applicator DISSA, produced in the Czech Republic.

Why change the structure of water? What’s wrong with the water we’re drinking? What leads to diseases and aging? You can read all about in our Articles on our web pages.

Our product has been exclusively developed on the basis of the research of M.D., Ph. D. Professor M. V. Kutushov.

DISSA applicator represents the dissymmetrator of drinking water. Using our DISSA applicator, anyone can produce his own, high quality drinking water from natural sources, bottled water or tap water.

Regular drinking of dissymmetric water ensures:

  1. Renewal of metabolism and all physiological functions of the organism.
  2. Normalization of water and salt balance, metabolic processes, rate of biochemical reactions.
  3. Supports the treatment and prevention of chronic and acute inflammatory, autoimmune, allergic, oncologic diseases and psychological disorders.
  4. Fast regeneration and preservation of health, longevity and rejuvenation.
  5. Harmonization of human bioenergetics, normalization of weight.

It has been proven that a human needs high quality water in order to retain his health. Currently, the water on our planet is polluted and does not have all the characteristics necessary for health. According to scientists’ research, currently the only natural usable water is the water from the icebergs of Island. According to obtained data, only spring water and water from Island’s glaciers is usable water with high dissymmetry coefficient.

DISSA applicator enables home production of water, which is maintaining all hygienic parameters, which is useful and of high quality.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) more than 80% off all health issues are connected to the quality of drinking water. A person cannot be healthy if he’s drinking poor quality water.

Daily drinking of dissymmetrical water in the quantity of min. 250-300 ml, within the norm of 30 ml per 1 kg of human weight for the period of three-four months helps the get rid of or stabilize many chronic diseases without medication and other supportive treatment methods!

Permanent drinking of high quality water in the quantity of 30 ml per 1 kg of bodily weight per day for a period of three months will treat many chronic diseases without the use of medication and other treatment methods!

Drink healthy, live, dissymmetric water and be healthy!

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June 12, 2015