How to obtain dissymmetric water?

Water has no taste, no smell, no colour. All living systems on the earth have a unique characteristic feature in comparison to non-living systems and that is dissymmetry! That is why all life has identical characteristics to water, but also has its specifics. Duration of life, its quality, occurrence and course of pathology, health and youth depend on water (or on its characteristics to be exact).

It is already apparent that natural water and “civilized” (packaged or tap) water has nothing in common with the preservation of life and health. Water from discovered natural sources, yet more civilized water or water from living organisms, clearly do not correspond to evolutionary settings. Anthropogenic pressure (human influence) causes the symmetry of water. Thermodynamic characteristics of water are disrupted almost everywhere, which means that existing water does not contribute to human health as it has no relict life-giving characteristics…

We can read about the cause of this in the articles by the Fund’s president – DST is M.D.,Ph. D.  prof. M. V. Kutushov on web pages www.

All types of water from the tap, plastic and even glass containers are misinformed and denaturized. Live substance is “tailored” to be solid enough. But even it cannot resist the “falsification” of natural water with “civilized” water for long!

When determining the coefficient of dissymmetry of water a huge quantity of water samples from all over the world were examined. I can thus safely say that all water in water pipes of the world is symmetrical (non-living). At all places of the earth, the water in water pipes or in packaged water does not exceed the dissymmetry coefficient of 3 DISS! Intracellular and intercellular water in all living organisms is within the “golden cut” of 32 to 36 DISS.

High quantity of energy is lost on dissymetrization of water, which is obtained either as a result of biochemical reactions, or is taken from the outside. That is why drinking of dissymmetrical water eases the course of biochemical and physiological reactions, and also increases whole anisotropy of organism.

Water in packaged in bottles and containers has low or no dissymmetry at all! It can be spring water, water from pure Alpine snow or from deep artesian wells, but when it gets into a bottle, even a glass bottle, even blue glass bottle, it loses not only its redox potential and pH, but mainly (!!!) its dissymmetry.

It has been discovered that natural water and water from glaciers of Iceland has the highest dissymmetry. Coefficient of dissymmetry of these waters is 8-16 DISS. Even such water, when in a closed container for a week or two, loses its dissymmetry almost completely. However, water treated by our DISSA applicator “retains” it for at least 2 months! Another interesting, but amazing characteristic of dissymmetric water has been discovered. This water “hides” harmful substances in its “hollows”, the redox potential, pH and organoleptic characteristics become more acceptable during dissymmetration and correspond to relict water.

Regular drinking water can be used for water dissymmetrization. It is necessary to consider that physical and chemical properties of water prior to dissymmetration have no importance! We managed to achieve an incredible coefficient of dissymmetry – 144 DISS from tap water, but that already is a degenerated dissymmetry nearing asymmetry! As the “golden cut” within an organism is at 36 DISS, our DISSA applicator has been “set” to 36 DISS. The term dissymmetrized (dissymmetric) water and treatment technology is designed based on author’s (prof. M. V. Kutushov) theory on principles of living systems preservation. Until today, the term or characteristics of dissymmetrized (dissymmetric) water were unknown to researchers or producers of packaged water.

The content of Ca++ in dissymmetrical water should not be in ideal case higher than 10-20 mg/l. This information is noted on the label of packaged water. At such concentration the water is dissymmetrized the best. If a person drinks water with “golden dissymmetry”, then such is immediately “bound” into the water system of the organism. A young and healthy organism has a high coefficient of dissymmetry and high anisotropy. Old and sick organism (particularly cancer patients with various cancers) is variously symmetrical and highly isotropic. That is why when drinking water, the human organism does not gain weight, his organism is rejuvenated and his weight is normalized.

Technology for obtaining dissymmetric water

The aim of this technology is to obtain and utilize dissymmetric water:

а) in order to steer the processes running in the presence of atomic and molecular and subatomic and supramolecular organic elements, which have identical resonance characteristics of own oscillation,

b) to deliver various characteristics to various materials and create contact environment, disruption relating to own oscillation of submollecular structures of elements. The basis for obtaining dissymmetric water is the so-called “spatial factor” produced by dissymmetrator-transformer and depending on the behaviour of water it is influenced by a multi-mode information signal, which produces amplitude and frequency characteristic of natural oscillation and characteristics. Dissymmetry is realized and consolidated in its molecular and spatial structure (grid). The effect of dissymmetration of elements and water are indicated by the so-called de Broglie waves. Transformers-dissymmetrators with fixed multi-focal polarizers are used to generate “spatial dissymmetrizing factor”.

The transfer of the “spatial factor” is conducted indirectly, via the contact with the bearing material of secondary “dissymmetric mediators”, which we will call as transmitter.

The technology is realized on the basis of a certain technical basis, using special methodological equipment.

Author of the technology is M.D., Ph. D. prof. Kutushov M.V., Author and Inventor

February 25, 2015