Dissymmetric water and its characteristics

Water has no taste, smell, and colour. It is a significant space dissymmetry sensor. All living systems on earth have a unique characteristic feature when compared to non-living systems, and that is dissymmetry! That is why life has completely the same characteristics as water, but it also has its particularities. Duration of life, its quality, emergence and course of pathology and health depends on water (and its characteristics).

It is already apparent that natural water and “civilized” water have nothing in common in relation to preservation of life and health. Water from discovered natural sources, yet more civilized water and water of living organisms, clearly does not correspond to evolutionary settings. Anthropogenic pressure on water causes its symmetrisation, water has its thermodynamic characteristics damaged, which means that current water is a clear shift towards death…

Why did this happen? I will try and explain. All processes in non-linear living matter are self-consistent with the laws of crystalline classes! When exposed to long-term disruption, any structure of dissymmetric system (DNA, glucose, proteins or water) first face slow, later explosive change of the system, depending on the type of faze transfer of the second order. For example, at 50 % water 10 molecules of water relate to nucleotide. Water dielectric and is able to polarize. Water within biopolymers becomes saturate with energy, ordered in spirals (fractals) of crystals! For this reason (!) the speed and ordering of all reactions depends on such polarization! Intake of artificial molecules with perverse chilarization (towards rotation) and replacement of dissymmetric water by symmetric water leads to discrepancy of the entire pseudo-crystalline grid of water, DNA, functional and structural proteins and sugars. Deformation tensions and change of periods along DNA Axis and proteins takes place in DNA and proteins and these processes are typical for isotropic systems! In “clean” anisotropic system it is possible locally and for a short period of time! Waters in organism and the entire water and protein complex vibrate in strict self-consistent order, which does not kill the inner dynamisms of water molecules in tetragonal grids of near or farther order. Frequency given by the evolution does not change its relict structure for billions of years. The distance between own tetrahydrons of water does not have any impact on the transfer of information in an organism or on their conservation. Nevertheless, in living system water looks like water that has border “layers”. As a result of this we also see the impact on dissymmetry on physiology via anisotropy, i.e. the fundamental characteristic of solid elements. Already now we can declare that biophysical characteristics of water predetermine the banal “extraction” of free energy. Live matter fundamentally differs from dead (even though the borders are relative) by manner of its acquisition, sustaining and issuing of energy. Despite the term as such is quite tricky in current scientific paradigm, in order to understand how this program is realized, you need to accept the axiom that the basic moving force of both the matter and space in our life is dissymmetry and numerology. In living systems only matter saturated with energy may change various forms of one or the other matter or energy. In my paradigm, space and characteristics of matter saturated with energy plays an important role. As a result of this crystallography and its laws have a determining role in the universe and biology. In living matters information is set up on forming cluster ortho-structures (dynamic) or para-structures (stationary). In non-linear, unbalanced, open (live) system the energy and information in the form of auto-waves (solitons) are transferred via a simple mechanism of depolarization, charging wave (or symmetry wave (aut.)), which runs through the material. In auto-wave overlapping nodes, cavity micro-bubbles are created, which generate immense energy and also immediately transfer information across the system. Even the smallest ones, albeit still resonating impacts on this system, may cause dramatic changes in the entire system. Tears of joy and sorrow are not the same, not even from the point of view of symmetry… Life is “clashing” within a small range of H+ and OH at pH 7,34 for a human, which also varies, although in a very narrow band. And this sinusoid – determinant is ruled by water dissymmetry and by some other trace elements that “transfer” to one or the other side. At pH 7,5 the sensitivity of a human to such “transfer” is decreased, as is the case in lower representatives of living matter. It can thus be presumed that cancer is originally a disrupted dissymmetry of water molecules, where pH is changed at the frequency of 53-8 GHz. But it is most probable that low frequencies of 4-8 Hz have a significant stabilizing effect on the hydro-protein complex of the organism. Spatial dissymmetry and dissymmetry of water molecules is the strongest stabilizing and steering factors, together with galactic, solar and lunar periods. Can you now imagine that the chemical and physical “filling” of living matter is “damaged”?

Naturally, denaturized water, purified, cleaned and passing through water pipes becomes a slow, but sure killer of all life… And unfortunately, the pace of shift will increase, because the modern environment does not correspond to physiological norms and its functions! And that is why the occurrence of lung cancer and pneumonia is increasing catastrophically! Water can at least be somehow purified and “livened up” using the DISSA applicator and give it natural, relict characteristics, but the situation is much more complex with air. The decrease of oxygen level, increase of CO2 and harmful gasses, immense quantity of nanoparticles from tires, bitumen and industry – that is the real threat to all land and water inhabitants of the planet!

All kinds of water in plastic or even glass containers are basically slow killers. Rapid increase in the numbers of people suffering from cancer, allergies, autoimmune and psychological disorders, decrease of health indexes, all that is the result of not only the artificial foods, but mainly of misinformed and denaturized water! Water flowing from taps, particularly hot water, is nothing more than a “hidden” killer of human’s outer facet. Live substance is “tailored” to be solid enough. But even it cannot resist the “falsification” of natural water with “civilized” water for long!

How long still can we dump water from waste water, morgues, treatment plants, toilets, sewages, drainage pipes and field into the world’s water system? What number of carcasses of killed or dead animals or humans gets into the earth’s water system? Dissymmetry is the foundation of living matter in water, but its surface and internal parameters are disrupted probably forever. Appeals of all world religions and thinking humans to stop killing and wars are not empty phrases or cries. That’s how it really is… We need to pray for the world or at least think about it, particularly when being near water. No wonder that the Buryats consider the Baikal sacred! Water understands everything and remembers all. Even the explosions of the Second World War, testing of nuclear weapons, the rage following the warships, submarines, even the thoughts of poachers…

The task of the mankind is to preserve the characteristics of relict water and to renew water dissymmetry of water already destroyed. Fortunately, there are technologies, which allow this not only for bottles and humans, but also for the planet. We need to pour small portions of dissymmetrical water into oceans at particular “referential” points, because dissymmetry travels long distances immediately!

I have researched the subject of water dissymmetry coefficient on a huge quantity of water samples from all over the world. I can thus safely say that all water in water pipes of the world is symmetrical i.e. dead, and not in a fairy-tale or other interpretation, but in spatial and real material sense. At all places of the earth, the water in water pipes or in packaged water does not exceed the dissymmetry coefficient of 3Diss! All biochemical reactions in living matter end with required molecules and necessarily with two molecules of water. Lack of water is compensated by water intake from the outside. Intracellular and intercellular water in all living organisms is in the “golden cut” of 32 to 36 DISS.

High quantity of energy is lost on dissymetrization of water, which is obtained either as a result of biochemical reactions, or is taken from the outside. That is why drinking of dissymmetrical water eases the course of biochemical and physiological reactions, increases anisotropy of organism.

Water in packaged in bottles and containers has low or no dissymmetry at all! It can be spring water, water from pure Alpine snow or from deep artesian wells, but when it gets into a bottle, even a glass bottle, even blue glass bottle, it loses not only its redox potential, pH, but mainly (!) its dissymmetry.

It has been discovered that natural water and water from glaciers of Iceland has the highest dissymmetry. Coefficient of dissymmetry of these waters is 8-16 DISS. Even such water, when in a closed container for a week or two, loses its dissymmetry almost completely. However, water treated by DISSA applicator “retains” it for at least 2 months! Another interesting, but amazing characteristic of dissymmetric water has been discovered. This water “hides” harmful substances in its “hollows”, the redox potential, pH and organoleptic characteristics become more acceptable during dissymmetration and correspond to relict water.

There is no doubt that water should not come from a puddle, but should be relatively clean. It is necessary to consider that physical and chemical properties of water prior to dissymmetration have no importance! We managed to achieve an incredible coefficient of dissymmetry – 144 DISS from tap water, but that already is a degenerated dissymmetry nearing asymmetry! As the “golden cut” in organism is at 36 DISS, our DISSA applicator has been “set” to 36 DISS.

The content of Ca++ in dissymmetrical water should not be in ideal case higher than 10-20 mg/l. At such concentration the water is dissymmetrized the best. According to my theory, a very large quantity of energy is lost by the organism on dissymmetrization of water in the body. However, if a person drinks water with “golden dissymmetry”, then such is immediately “bound” into the water system of the organism. I always note the same situation: young and healthy organism has a high coefficient of dissymmetry and thus also high anisotropy. Old and sick organism (particularly cancer patients with various cancer progression levels) is symmetrical or isotropic. That is why when drinking water, the human organism does not gain weight, successfully battles diseases and ageing process is significantly slowed. The technologies for obtaining water with treatment characteristic we have elaborated provides water with unique characteristics. This indicates not only significant improvement of life quality and blood analyses, but also treatment of many diseases, by drinking dissymmetric water, without the “burden” of medication. Water has its memory and absorbs thoughts – and that is an axiom.

Autor and Inventor is M.D., Ph. D. prof. Kutushov M.V.

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February 25, 2015