Welcome to web pages! We’re offering you a unique product, designated to alter the structure of drinking water – applicator DISSA, produced in the Czech Republic. Why change the structure of water? What’s wrong with the water we’re drinking? What leads to diseases and aging? You can read all about in our Articles on […]

Unique applicator Dissa

Drinking water Dissymmetrator (DISSA applicator) is a polymer plate with inbuilt holographic disk, a detector which has a set fixed dissymmetry in the extent of 18-36 DISS. The DISSA applicator causes the set dissymmetry even in a container with drinking water (e.g. a glass or a bottle made of glass or transparent plastic). Using our […]

Effects of applicator DISSA

Water in the 1st column – it’s a water after using of our applicator DISSA within 12 minutes. Clearly visible changes in a water at a physical level. The water in the 2nd column – this is a common drinking water (taken from a tap) before to impact dissymmetry. Water in the 3rd column – […]

How to obtain dissymmetric water?

Water has no taste, no smell, no colour. All living systems on the earth have a unique characteristic feature in comparison to non-living systems and that is dissymmetry! That is why all life has identical characteristics to water, but also has its specifics. Duration of life, its quality, occurrence and course of pathology, health and […]

Living matter

Living matter from the point of view of new scientific paradigm Causes of ageing and diseases on nuclear level, level of organelles and disorders of biochemical reactions are currently intensively searched for. Yet still there is no decisive importance of the phenomenon of Life. Process of acquaintance with living matter is predominantly evaluated from the […]

Water as the basic building block of an organism

Any literature dealing with the physiology of living organism and human states what is the portion of water in an organism, structures of living organism, in percentage. Main part of the water contained in an organism is bound water, which is concentrated inside cells (approx. 70 %), and the rest (30 %) of water is […]

What is Dissymmetry?

Scientists of the 19th and 20th Century, particularly Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908) and his pupil Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), Pierre Curie (1859-1906), Vladimir Vernadskiy and A. G. Gurvich (1874-1954) elaborated the basics of interaction of human organism and environment in the biosphere. Their essence is following: cell can originate and live within the biosphere with both left […]

Dissymmetric water and its characteristics

Water has no taste, smell, and colour. It is a significant space dissymmetry sensor. All living systems on earth have a unique characteristic feature when compared to non-living systems, and that is dissymmetry! That is why life has completely the same characteristics as water, but it also has its particularities. Duration of life, its quality, […]